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Local Pools: Which Pools are Open?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

We've all been looking for ways to have fun and stay cool with our children during this "new normal," and local pools are an easy and safe way to have fun.

I polled the #WEM community for pools that are open and family friendly. Here are the responses in alphabetical order.

All information was pulled from the pool's website or the member's response.

1.ACAC Midlothian: This gym has fitness, tennis, pools & family events. They are open and members don't need to make reservations. There's also an on-line capacity tracker, so you know exactly how busy it is.

2. Ashland's Public Pool - Carter Park: This pool does not have a membership. It costs $5 on weekdays, $8 on weekends, and Fridays are a free swim day. The pool is at 75% capacity right now. This means there can be up to 210 people on the pool deck. You have to bring your own chairs.

Multiple people mentioned this pool as one with daily admission and no membership. There was a case of COVID that caused the pool to be closed for a period of time this summer.

3. Avalon: This Henrico club has two pools, a kiddie pool, a pool slide & basketball hoop. There's also tennis courts and a clubhouse with a snack bar. The pool is open with reservation system and is currently allowing 120 spots for swimming in two hour time slots.

4. Burkwood Swim & Racquet Club: Located in Mechanicsville, this recreation association has indoor & outdoor fitness, tennis and pools. No reservations are needed to use the pools, gym or to attend fitness classes.

5. Chestnut Oaks: This recreation association has a pool, a children's pool and tennis courts. They are using a reservation system for seating areas. This pool is located off Parham Road in Henrico.

6. Church Run: This Henrico community recreation center has a pool and tennis courts.

7. Kanawha: The Henrico recreation center has a pool and tennis courts. They offer water aerobics, and they've been hosting food trucks on Friday nights. They are currently using a reservation system for members.

8. Raintree Swim and Raquet Club: This neighborhood club has year-round tennis, indoor and outdoor, and fitness, and the pool is open in the summer. This club is located near Deep Run Park in Henrico.

9. Ridgetop: This Henrico recreation association has a swimming pool, a toddler pool, and tennis courts. They've also been hosting outdoor camps and clinics. This recreation center is located near The Village and The University of Richmond.

10. Southampton Recreation Association Pool: Located near Stratford Hills, this recreation association has two baby pools, a water slide, diving well and more! There is a reservation system, but they are also allowing walk-ups.

11. The Dominion Club: Located in Wyndam, this country club has golf, tennis, swimming, dining and family events.

12. Three Chopt Recreation Club: This recreation center has tree large pools, diving boards, water slides, a gated kiddie pool, picnic pavilions, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. They are allowing 2 hours of pool space each day for members when they make a reservation.

13. Wembly: Open at 75% capacity, this pool has a family pool and a baby pool. Members must bring their own chairs and make 2 hour reservations. This pool is located off of Gaskins Road in Henrico.

14. Westwood Club: Located near Willow Lawn in Henrico, this recently renovated club has dining, racket sports, fitness classes, a gated family pool and gated main pool. There are indoor and outdoor tennis courts and dining options. They are operating on a reservation system for pool visits, and the reservations vary in length.

15. Woodmont: Located in Bon Air, this recreation center is open for members and is operating on a reservation system. Members are responsible for cleaning their area after their reservation is over.

Is your pool missing from the list? Send me an email at and I will add it!


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