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Dinwiddie County's The Red Barn Farm

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We had the best time at The Red Barn Farm's family farm tour! The barn is in North Dinwiddie, which is about 50 minutes from Short Pump. The trip is very easy on 95!

We left Richmond at 1:15, and we arrived at 2. I called to book a tour for our family on our way. Luckily, there was space, but make sure you call ahead to schedule a tour. To ensure social distancing, the groups are limited in size. We parked right by the barn, and there was lots of space to run around before the tour started. Most of the farm is in the sun, but there is a large tree with picnic tables underneath.

Our tour started at 2, so we had to run up to start. We walked through chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys to check in at the barn! We also got to meet and touch a pig before the tour started.

In the barn, we learned about the farm, and that all the animals at the barn are rescue animals. The Red Barn Farm has 197 animals, including chickens, peafowl, Sebastopol geese, mini horses, dairy cows, Nigerian dwarf goats, an African Sulcata tortise, a mini pig, and more.

Whoops: my pictures aren't the best - it was difficult to take pictures, hold animals, help the kids!

We got to pet an emu, hold baby chickens and bunnies, and feed animals in the yard. In the yard, we fed two ponies, a donkey, an emu (they love grapes), cows, chickens, turkeys, and goats. G loved petting the baby chickens the most! H had so much fun feeding all the animals, but he loved the goats the most.

After we left the farm, we ordered curbside pickup from Saucy's BBQ and we picked up cupcakes from Buttermilk Bakery. This was really easy: Saucy's is about 14 minutes from The Red Barn Farm. We ordered online from the farm's parking lot & it was ready for pick up in 15 minutes (perfect timing). Buttermilk Bakery is right next to Saucy's. I walked in (mask required) to pick up cupcakes.

Saucy's BBQ is delicious, and there are two locations (Petersburg & Hopewell). Southern Living Magazine's picked Saucy's as the South's Best Butt two times. We ordered enough food to drop off dinner for Gigi, Aunt BB and Uncle CheeChee (five adults total - we got a lot of food). We got the BBQ chicken and pork butt, mashed sweet potatoes (amazing), macaroni & cheese, coleslaw (my husband said this is the best coleslaw he has ever had), and peanut butter pie.

We got 12 cupcakes from Buttermilk Bakery. Our favorites were the cookies n' cream, carrot cake, the vanilla/vanilla, and the peanut butter one. The chocolate chip cookies are also toddler approved!

We have had leftovers all weekend!

Tips for the Farm:

1. The family farm tours are perfect for children of all ages (G who is 11 months 7 H who is 32 months loved it!).

2. Tours are offered from the first Saturday in May to last Saturday in November, and they cost $8 a person.

3. The tours are an hour long, and the you can play around the farm before or after.

4. Make sure you are following The Red Barn Farm on Instagram to see daily updates!

5. Check out my insta for a full review.


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