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The Best Places for Snow Tubing near Richmond, Virginia

Updated: 6 days ago

Ready for some winter fun? Snow tubing is the perfect family activity to try -- it has all the thrills of sledding, but you don't have to wait for the weather forecast. Virginia's snow tubing hills either have snow makers or synthetic snow!

We've visited 4 places under 3 hours from Richmond that offer snow tubing, winter sports and tubing throughout the year. You can make a few of these tubing destinations a day trip from RVA or you can enjoy a long weekend on the resorts or nearby hotels.

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Heads Up: Most locations require you to be at least 36 inches tall to tube. You need to be long enough to lay across the tube; not physically sit in the tube. If your child is under 36 inches tall, skip down to Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center. They have sledding for all sizes and ages.

Also, snow tubing is REALLY FAST - you can go up to 30 mph. I recommend trying mountain tubing first, particularly with younger children. Mountain tubing goes a little slower, and the environment is easier than snow tubing.

The Best Places for Snow Tubing & Mountain Tubing near Richmond, Virginia:

1.Wintergreen Resort's The Plunge: The Plunge is Virginia’s LARGEST tubing hill. It’s taller than a 10-story building & longer than 3 football fields. Snow is falling constantly & you’ll race down the hill at speeds up to 30mph! Once you’re at the bottom of the snow tubing hill, you can ride up on the magic carpet. Depending on the crowd & how long it takes your family to move in the snow, you’ll get to tube 4-6 times during your 75 minute time slot.

Tickets cost $44 per person for 75 minutes of snow tubing. Each time slot has a limited number of tickets. Tickets go on sale Monday at noon for the following Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Holiday Mondays also have tubing. They usually sell out completely in the hour - get on the website right at noon. Click here to book your tickets!

Heads Up: It’s recommended for children 6 & older. Younger children CAN tube if they are at least 42” tall. This is a THRILL! I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who doesn’t like roller coasters OR anyone under 4 years old. 

2. The Homestead Resort: Opening in 1766, The Homestead Resort is located on 2,300 acres in the Allegheny Mountains. The resort is also where 22 sitting presidents have stayed & played! At just under 3 hours from Richmond, it’s the perfect getaway for families.

We love the historical aspect of The Homestead and their resort activities. You can pick from guided hikes, zip lining, horseback riding, skiing & more. Our favorites are the Smore’s Express, fly fishing & putt putt. Also, I highly recommend a spring/summer getaway because the outdoor pool is so much fun - little kids’ splash zone, sand play, lazy river & water slides!

Winter sports are open between late December and the end of February. Snow tubing is available Thursdays to Sundays from 10am to 3pm. Sessions last one hour, and it costs $19 per hour for day guests & $15 per hour for resort guests. Participants must be 5 years old and 48 inches or taller to tube.

*Check here for my full review of The Homestead Resort.

3. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre: No snow? NO PROBLEM! Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is open ALL year for winter sports. This mountain top recreation center has ski slopes, mountain tubing & a sledding hill. The mountain is covered in Snowflex - a special surface that’s slippy & grippy, essential for snow sports. All ages are welcome & you can even schedule a beginner lesson for any of the snow sports.

Tubing costs $15 hourly. Rider must be 36” or taller. Skiing & snowboarding costs $8 per hour & $25 per day. Rentals cost $16. 2 & under can sled for free with a paying adult.

*This is the most budget-friendly place to mountain tube, and it is open all year.

For more things to do in Lynchburg, Virginia with kids, check out my guide: 5 Family Friendly Getaways Less than 2 Hours from Richmond.

4. Massanutten Resort: This four seasons resort is located in Rockingham County, Virginia. While you can stay on property, you are close enough to Harrisonburg to stay at a hotel or vacation rental too. Since all activities require passes, staying on property or staying off property makes sense.

Snow Tubing: The snow tubing hill at Massanutten Resort has 16 lanes that are 900 feet in length with a 120 vertical drop! You can slide down solo or link your tube to another person, making it perfect for families or parents with younger children. In order to try tubing at Massanutten Resort, you must be 36 inches or taller.

Snow tubing has a limited number of tickets available each day, and it is very popular! Tickets will sell out! Tickets typically go on sale in December, and Massanutten Resort will add extra tickets throughout the season. These tickets will be added on Wednesday evenings as the snow conditions allow.

Snow tubing is available Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 10pm, and Sundays from 10am to 8pm.

It costs $42 per person (all ages) for a 90 minute session on Fridays (after 5pm), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Price vary for Monday-Friday tubing sessions (before 5pm).

Summer Tubing: This was the first tubing experience my family and I tried, and we absolutely loved it! My children love slides, and, while we were a little surprised by how fast the tubes go, they loved this thrill! Summer tubing is offered between April and October, and it is set up on two lanes that drop 120 vertical feet over the course of 600 feet.

While you also get to ride a conveyor belt to the top of the hill, this is definitely a workout between pulling your tube and carrying your kids (if you need to). Definitely wear comfy clothes!

It costs $10 for 2 rides or $14 for 4 rides. Children must be 36" or taller to ride. While everyone must ride in his own tube, you can connect your tubes together. My children really enjoyed riding in pairs and as a whole family!

*For more things to do at Massanutten Resort with kids, check out my guide: 5 Family Friendly Activities to Try at Massanutten Resort.

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