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Neighborhood "Wildlife" Map

Google Maps has a new "wildlife" map for everyone to enjoy while we are at home.

It's really simple: (1) find a lovie or draw a picture of a bear, (2) place it somewhere for people to see. You can put it in a window, on your door, or in your yard!

To add your animal, follow the link to the Google map. Sign in to your Google account (clicking the link won't automatically log you in), click EDIT near the upper left, enter your address in the search box, click the "+." Now, you are a part of the "Bear Hunt"!

This is a map of homes participating in the "Bear Hunt" for kids. Families can walk around the neighborhood and try to spot as many bears as possible.

If you look at the map, you will see a lot of animals in Texas. There aren't many in our area yet, but families are adding them. Chick-fil-A at Parham joined in the fun, too!


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