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Maymont's Summertime Toddler Time

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Toddler Time at Maymont is a three or four week class that happens once a week from 10-11. It costs $30-$38 for the session, and it takes place in the Nature Center or the Children’s Farm. Since we signed up for Summer Fun, it was inside. It was perfect for those hot summer days ️ The Nature Center even has a “Family Restroom”!

Our class was pretty small. It fluctuated between 3-5 children during the session. Our teacher Courtney was really good with toddlers, especially when they all have meltdowns at the same time! The classroom is the perfect size if you need to nurse - you can still knee your eyes on your toddler and get to him/her quickly

The toddlers had time for free play in the classroom. H loved it! There’s a large tree with toy bins around it. There’s a puppet playhouse, and all the toddlers were playing in here. There were tons of bins with animal toys, too! The craft table was in the middle of the room with long benches— perfect for parents to sit with the toddlers (and plenty of room if you have a newborn or more than one child). There were two *LIVE* turtles in the room - the toddlers loved watching them move around and get in the water.

After free play, our teacher read us a book (since we were studying frogs it was about them) and we got to meet a real frog! Miss Courtney talked to the LOs about frogs, and she gave each parent and child a chance to touch it (if they wanted). We then moved to craft time - we made frog masks. We ended class by touring the nature center (we loved the otters!)


1) There’s a parking lot at the Nature Center, so we didn’t have to walk very far.

2) If you have a newborn, it’s really easy to wear the baby. Use the stroller for the big kid or not at all (it will get in the way).

3) If the weather is nice, pack a lunch and visit the Children’s Farm before you leave (the walk is intense, but great exercise).


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