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Live Art Classes

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Through social media, I've been able to find businesses outside of #RVA that are offering virtual activities for children and families. I will update this list as I find more art activies for the little ones. As always, thank you to our wonderful #WEM community for always sharing your ideas, activities and events with me!

1. The Paint Bar: Jill Kerner Schon and Jackie Schon, a mother-daughter team, opened the first paint-and-sip art studio in the Northeast. While their studio is temporarily closed, they are offering virtual online classes, private parties and events via Zoom! They also have free classes on their Facebook page. Watch them on FB Live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 for Toddler Entertainment. Watch them on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 will be crafting for LOs 4 and older. Both classes try to use common materials you can find around your house! Follow them on IG ( @thepaintbarkids & @thepaintbar ).

2. Mo Willems: Author of the popular Pigeon and Pals series, Mo Willems is hosting a daily drawing lesson from 1-1:20 on FB Live. You can also visit The Kennedy Center for the lessons & activity pages.

3. Carson Ellis: Illustrator Carson Ellis hosts a daily art club, "Quarantine Art Club," in his IG feed ( @carsonellis ). This is for children of all ages, and its open ended. He will post assignments like "Who Do You Love," and directions like "draw who you love doing what they love."

4. Wendy Mac: New York Times Bestselling Illustrator Wendy Mac hosts "Draw Together" every week day in her IG stories at 1 on IG Live ( @wendymac ). IG Live stays up for 24 hours. "Draw Together" is for kids of all ages, parents of kids, parents of parents - everyone! It lasts about 20 minutes.


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