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Virtual Classes for Babies

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

In the midst of our international emergency, I have found such goodness in our teachers, businesses, and community. So many people have gone virtual to help us parents out at home. I will update this list as I find more activities and as people share them with me. Thank you to our wonderful #WEM community for always sharing your ideas, activities and events with me!

The following classes are now virtual for babies:

1. Miss Anne's Music and Movement: Our favorite local music & movement class is on Facebook and Instagram ( @missannesmusicandmovement ). Her class is for infants (3 months +) through preschoolers. Payment is not necessary, but if you love her class, I think it would be a kind gesture to support her small business. The in-person classes costs $5 per child and $2 for each additional sibling. She has a Venmo account ( @Miss-Anne-MM ). Email her to be added to her group that receives the class links:

: Located in Atlanta, Georgia, The Bunny Hive is a boutique studio that offers classes for babies and toddlers plus social opportunities for parents. Since we've been "public distancing," The Bunny Hive team is putting their amazing classes on-line: Virtual Tummy Time, Happy Hour with Pediatricians, Virtual Bunny Led Brunch and Learn: Featuring Lisa Engle, Virtual Sensory Class, and more! There is also a FREE Virtual Mom Support Group. Visit The Bunny Hive (linked in their name) to sign up for classes.

3. Romp N' Roll : While the gym may be closed, Romp N' Roll Richmond is doing classes on Facebook Live for their members (lots of goodies come with the membership!) and the community (free!). All of the instructors are incredibly kind and know how to interact with children.

Follow them on Facebook and IG ( @rompnroll_richmond ) for the weekly at-home schedule. They have a special class for babies!


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