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Art Class at the VMFA, Artsy Infants

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

We’ve been taking art classes at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in the City of Richmond since H was 4 months old. This was one of the first “mommy and me class” we did together. We love taking these classes once a month, and you and your little one can participate in them almost weekly if you want.

Each class begins with open play time for the babies. This is also a chance to meet other moms!

Artsy Infants (3-13 months): This class is from 12:30-1:30 on select Mondays. It begins with an “open play” time: babies can do tummy time, experience new shapes/toys, and interact with other babies. It’s followed by introductions (baby’s name, age and newest thing he/she is doing), rhyming activities and a simple story. I really enjoyed introductions each class. I learned other parents' names, and I loved being able to compare what each baby was doing with what H was doing. It helped me expected his next developmental milestone.

Depending on the class’ theme, everyone tours a particular exhibit or particular style of art. After the tour, the babies get to participate in an art activity, usually one with paint (yep- it’s edible, made with all-natural ingredients). The class ends with parachute time and singing.


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