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Looking for the best things to do with kids in Richmond, Virginia? You found the right place! I share tips & tricks for exploring Richmond with kids. Use The West End Mom as a guide to family friendly adventures in Richmond and Virginia.


My name is Megan, and I am a SAHM with a baby girl and a toddler boy.

I grew up in Richmond, and I'm sharing all the kid-friendly activities I did as a child plus new ones I've found.

Surprisingly, when I started my Instagram account in June 2019, there wasn't a place to find the information I wanted about activities for little ones. I wanted pictures, reviews, and what to expect when I showed up with my baby.

So I decided to start sharing and reviewing what we did. As my family has grown, so have our activities. We have done newborn walks, baby classes, toddler & preschool activities, and, most recently, activities that work for families of two! I also love sharing family friendly events (even ones that include our furry babies). 

Before I became a SAHM, I was an educator. During my nine years in the classroom, I taught over 1,000 students, published 9 yearbooks, got married, bought a house, and earned my National Board Certification. This professional accomplishment is something I'm very proud of - I'm part of the < 3% of our nation's teachers with this achievement.

I love teaching children, learning from them, and working with families. I've put my passion into my IG and blog - these activities are safe, fun and educational. 


Hopefully, I'm helping you & your family play together and explore RVA! 

PS. A special thanks to three of my sweet friends who couldn't do play dates with us in May and June of 2019. Because they were very pregnant and handling a second baby, I decided to share what we were doing with the community.

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